Subscriptions & match fee’s

Dear All,

Subscription/ Match Fee Menu for 2017/18 season.

Our season commences on 9 September but please make yourselves available for the ‘post-setting’ on our temporary ground on 2 September…should prove to be an exciting day…more details to follow.

Players can choose from one of the following options:

1. Payment in full up front on or before 30 September – £250 for 25s and over or £200 for under 25s.
This covers all match fees, Gower Subscription of £10 (although there is no bar for this season, the Gower club are funding the hire of our pitch in Finchley) and stash consisting of a pair of shorts (worth £23), a pair of socks (worth £10) and a club tie (worth £10). Please be aware that this option closes after 30 September.

2. For all current players, who do not owe any money to the club, one can set up a minimum of a monthly £40 standing order and from this will be taken their Gower subscription, any match fee and stash taken. Players will be able to use what credit they have in the club to fund other social functions like the Christmas party, end of season dinner and even all or part of tour, depending on how much they have in their “club account”. Please see attached a Standing Order form for your use.

3.Payment of £40 on or before 9 September then pay as you play.
This was introduced a couple of seasons ago to give the club coffers a boost at the start of the season and to ensure the Gower Subscription is paid up front.

Every player (not new players for which 9 Sept represents their first game for the club – see option 4) , who has not chosen either option 1 or 2, must pay £40 on or before 9September. This will cover their annual Gower Subscription, a pair of shorts, a pair of socks and their match fee for 2 September.(It does not include the club tie or other stash).

Going forwards, players can then pay their £10 match fee prior to every game they play to the relevant team organiser.

4. For new players, only – one-off subscription of £150.
Any new player at the club can pay this reduced introductory amount on or before 9 September. This covers all their playing subscriptions/match fees for the coming season, their Gower Subscription and a pair of shorts and socks (it does not include a club tie or other stash). This introductory offer closes after 9 September.
Please note that match fees remain at £10 (£5 for students and unemployed). We continue to offer the UCS Old Boy voucher system that effectively give free rugby to all boys who attended UCS, who play whilst they are at University.


You can either pay on your debit/credit cards using the machine behind the bar, cash, cheque or transfer into the UCS bank account, details are:

60 20 22
Reference: your name

You can contact Trever Turton, Hon Treasurer, if you have any questions – 07903 672273.”