UCS Card

Introducing the UCS Gowers CredE Card

We are proud to have teamed up with Contis and become the first amateur sports club in the country (maybe even the world!) to offer a loyalty card scheme to its members!

Get your UCS Gowers CredE card by clicking on the following link.

Shop and Save

With our UCS Gowers CredE Card, you can save lots of money for yourself, and make money for the club!

The UCS Gowers CredE Card plus current account and Visa debit card offers you more than just a basic bank account.

You also get cash rewards paid back into your account whenever you do your shopping or treat yourself at participating high street shops and online retailers.

Shop smarter and take control of your money

Cash rewards available from high street retailers include:







*please note these are subject to change

And the UCS Gowers CredE Card gives you peace of mind that your bills are taken care of What’s more, each account comes with a simple money management tool that takes the hassle out of paying your rent, gas, electric and other essential outgoings, meaning you can relax knowing your bills are taken care of and your spending money is left free to enjoy.

    • No overdraft fees or unexpected charges
    • Earn cash rewards of up to 15% when you shop
    • Earn cash for the club of up to 10% with certain retailers
    • Get discounts of up to 50% with online retailers
    • Free mobile app so you can view your balance anytime, anywhere

Registration takes minutes and there are no credit checks

For details about fees associated with the card, click the following link (and remember, we here at UCS get a discount on the cost of applying for the card!): https://www.credecard.com/uk/fees.aspx

Any questions, please contact Adam Hirschovits 07788 688 172 or a.hirschovits@taylorwessing.com

For more details on the scheme generally, please go to www.credecard.com

Card Partners

Lovefone – Tender loving repair for your iPhone, iPad, Samsung Galaxy and iPod touch. Utilise their services to earn the club 10% cashback on all sales with them!!!

Leonard Jay – first class clothing throughout the City. Utilise their services to earn the club 5% cashback on all sales with them!!!

Raging Bull Meats – Raging Bull Meats prides itself in creating quality meat products to satisfy the carnivore’s taste. Utilise their services to earn the club 10% cashback on all sales with them!!!

GBK West Hampstead – Gourmet Burger Kitchen is all about the burger. We use the freshest ingredients and created classic and innovative taste combinations to make the ‘best burgers in town’. Utilise their services and get a 20% discount!!!